Hey guys! <3 

 Here is a little recap from 2016. It was a great year. New apartment, second year of my studies, 3 - weeks trip to New York and Atlantic City, trip to Warsaw, trip to Bournemouth in England. I enjoyed all of it! I picked up some of my favorite outfits of the past year. I always love to go back to the pictures from summer, they always makes me happy. 


Super excited for 2017!!!



Good Morning Guys!



Good Morning guys! ;) 


I will need to explain myself. I was pretty ill the past week so I didn't have any energy to blog or film anything, but today I thought I will write a post about my morning routine! 


11:00 Waking up around 11 or 6 in the morning, depends if I have school or not

11:30  Checking my phone for like a half an hour (haha I don't think I am exeption here) 

12:00 Getting in the shower

12:30 I am not a morning person so it takes ages for me to get ready (I'll try work on that :) 
          So I am getting a huge breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for me. I like to start it with a glass of orange juice and an oat meal. Then I like to have a nice toast or scrambled eggs or pancakes with nutella and a lot of black tea. Then I need my strong coffee that I can't live without <3 I think coffee is my biggest addiction. 

13:00 Now, I am finally ready to hit the gym. I like to workout in the lunch time. After I had a good breakfast and a coffee I have so much energy. 

After I'll come back I will have some lunch (sushi is my all time favorite) and I'll start working. 

Have a great day! 

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